• Phoenix Rising

    Phoenix Rising


    tw for graphic rape being shown which i did not expect. highly recommend that people watch this but be aware of that. for a long time i’ve heard rumours about the heart shaped glasses music video but i didn’t know they were true, nor did i know she was drugged at the time, and they show it without the music overlay. it’s just incredibly disturbing to see, and to know many of us have seen it before and didn’t realise. how this video of a woman being raped is still freely available online and this revolting man is not locked up is beyond me.

  • Absence



    it’s not good hey

  • The Birds

    The Birds


    guys i tried. i couldn’t do it. turned it off with thirty mins to go and put on the meg instead. i mean this with utmost respect to you all but it actually makes me feel insane to think that people watch this repeatedly and voluntarily.

  • Psycho



    didn’t hate this as much as i thought i would, mainly because janet leigh kept me so damn engaged. once she was gone i mentally checked out tho, why lie.

  • One Hour Photo

    One Hour Photo


    i fr don’t get the ending i’m literally so stupid lmao

  • Jacob's Ladder

    Jacob's Ladder

    nah i’m slow i don’t get this. i really do think jesse williams is just like this in his every day life tho.

  • I Trapped the Devil

    I Trapped the Devil

    he sure did

  • Master



    many many moments that genuinely made me go 😬 and some very good scares! i think i get the idea that there‘a no point fighting to be included in something that’s never going to change but i guess i also wanted more of an ending than that idk? a lot was just left as a question, things hinted at but never confirmed. and as much as i always love seeing regina hall, her character’s storyline meandered a little in comparison…

  • Umma



    the subject matter didn’t resonate with me personally but this was very spooky!! kind of wish i’d gotten to see it in theatres. i think it’s one that would hugely benefit from being in a big dark room.

  • Dwellers



    just watch the tunnel (2011) instead

  • The Suicide Squad

    The Suicide Squad


    probably shouldn’t admit this honestly but i watched this for peacemaker only. idris and the rat girl were cute tho. soundtrack slapped. very violent. bad otherwise.

  • The Merciless

    The Merciless


    like a slightly less gripping version of the raid 2 or the departed. much gayer than either though. good for them.