Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★★

I love everything about this movie.

I love the comedy. I love the characters. I love the soundtrack. I love the massive tonal shifts. I love the message. I love Stephen Merchant’s scene. I love Sam Rockwell. I love how all the houses have been eyes on them. I love Roman Griffith Davis’ performance. I Ivor Waititi’s direction and script. I love Yorki. I love how our two leads are incredibly flawed. I love how throughout the film, Adolf becomes more like a tyrant compared to the fun imaginary friend. I love how Sam Rockwell’s motivations are never outright said. I love Rockwell’s final scene.I love the foreshadowing with the shoes.

Please, please check this out. Best film of 2019 by far, and the message is extremely prevent now. In just one film, Waititi showed us all that he is way more than just a comedy director. Let’s hope Love and Thunder has a glimpse of this movie’s brilliance.

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