1917 ★★★★½

The one continuous camera shot might seem like a gimmick, but it's the real deal. Just try and figure out where the film is cut from the beginning. It's an engaging way to shoot this film that adds a level of depth and immersion that accentuates the overall story and creates a compelling viewing experience.

Video Review - just left theater (no spoilers)

It's a simple plot, yet effectively told through the camerawork and mostly two actor focus. Two soldiers, Schofield (George Mackay) and Blake (Dean-Charles Chapman), are given an order to take a message to hand carry an important battle order across dangerous enemy lines. The entirety of the movie is will the two soldiers make it or not to the end goal.

Along the way there are some very minor subplots, including one that involves Blake's brother, but overall the focus remains the almost breathless pacing as the camera follows the adventure of the two soldiers.

The most gorgeous new film cinematically shot since I started reviewing new films in August 2019, if cinematographer Roger Deakins doesn't win an Oscar I don't know what else anybody else could do in film to win one.

This film is a must-see. The acting, drama, tension, camerawork, the sense of peril and caring for these two soldiers is palatable for viewers. Not many movies are as immersive. A fantastic film and my favorite of 2019 (i know, I know it is technically 2020, but it was released in 2019). Highly recommended.

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