365 Days

365 Days

Based on an erotic drama trilogy by Blanka Lipińska, this involves a woman who is essentially kidnapped by a mafia boss and forced into various compromising sex acts and humiliation to decide if in 365 days she can learn to love her captor.


Seriously, the plot should pretty much be thrown out as preposterous, but that alone doesn't necessarily sink this steamy movie.

The goal of a softcore porn presumably should be some sort of aphrodisiac, yes/no? It's supposed to make the viewer horny. This one pretty much failed for me there. The woman is attractive, yes, but the scenes are too often cruel and my emotions quickly shifted to her safety instead of erotic thoughts. Sure, for those who get off on rape scenes, then there's plenty here to titillate. I found most of this film very demeaning and objectifying toward women.

If that was the point, I got it, but didn't enjoy it.

My first softcore porn review, um, ever(?) Certainly first posted here. And it was a dirty experience. I don't get the genre, so forgive me if my complaints about this film are off-base for those who are fans of the genre. Maybe this succeeds on some level for this type of film, but I can't see why.

Is this movie among the worst I've ever seen? No. It managed to be so bad that it kept my interest, thus I'm giving it one star on that merit alone.

As I write this on 6/17/20 it's #1 on Netflix in the United States. I don't think that is because it's a great film, I think it's an adult sex magnet. It's an attention grabber like the film equivalent of Jerry Springer. It's not artful or stylistic. It doesn't romanticize sex, it makes it a more of a blunt instrument. I would have been more into the film if the woman more willingly was interested in the experience, but will agree that it wouldn't have the same dramatic punch. Aye, the rub.

There are moments, however fleeting, that the film works as softcore porn, but if you want to get stimulated, then just go all the way porn, why waste time with this ridiculous, implausible story? Of course it's not recommended.