A Country Christmas Story

A Country Christmas Story ★★★½

How can we not love Dolly Parton? She always seems to involve herself in warm, fuzzy feeling projects, this movie being no exception about an interracial teen girl named Grace entering a country music competition. Her parents are separated and her black father hasn't been in her life like he wanted. Grace learns to play the guitar and writes a song that gets her to the final competition hosted by (drumroll) one of the greatest songwriters of all time: Dolly!

Dolly isn't a major player in this movie, but she is in it enough to make an impact. Would I have liked more Dolly? Sure. Did I mention as well this is a Christmas special? Dolly comes out and plays Jingle Bells in the movie lol. I love Dolly. She is so pure that you just can't help to feel better when she smiles, tells stories and sings.

Who wins the competition? You'll have to watch the movie to find out.
Get the tissues, fellow sentimental movie lovers, it will be hard not to cry in parts of this one. I gave this an extra half star for the ending, which I won't spoil. Recommended.

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