Holiday Engagement

Holiday Engagement ★★

Hilary (Bonnie Somerville) is going home for the holidays and plans to her fiance with her. The only problem? He just broke up with her. So, not wanting to disappoint her mother, Hilary hatches a plan to hire an actor, David, to play her fiance Jason. Yes, it's a bit hackneyed, but the chemistry between HIlary and David sort of makes it work.

There are a few tear generating moments in this Hallmark movie when Hilary realizes what true love really means. The holiday part of this movie is downplayed, except for a few piano tunes that the actor fiance can play. And Somerville has an above average voice.

This is a subpar movie. It's like the leftover turkey of rom-coms and I prefer holiday movies that have some sort of fantasy/magical element to them, which this also lacks. Not recommended.

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