Abominable ★★

An abominable yeti breaks loose from a facility and hides on the roof to be discovered by a young girl. The beginning of this film is strong as an escaping the evil lab to a somewhat boring adventure story which has an underlying "there's no place like home" message a la The Wizard of Oz. The ending is underwhelming as well. The film itself looked really sharp, vibrant colors, great sound, solid animation, but the story let me down.

Admittedly not a huge fan of animated films, but the sum of parts here is not enough for me to recommend even to those who favor animated movies.

(Sidenote: when thinking of "abominable" snowman comes to mind, not yeti ... so I just Googled that only to realize the two are synonymous. Learned something new! The creature in this film seems more animal than "man" however, so not sure how that goes with the myth)

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