Back to School ★★★★

Rodney Dangerfield's best movie that he was the main star. Of course Caddyshack is what most people think of as Dangerfield's best movie, but there he's a supporting actor. Here, he's helping his son, Jason Melon (Keith Gordon) do better at college and get onto the diving team by going back to school with him.

Thorton Melon (Dangerfield) runs a bunch of Tall & Fat stores and is very wealthy. ("Take it from me, if you want to look thin, you hang out with fat people!" -- Dangerfield)

The number of funny Dangerfield one-liners in this movie is off the chart. He pokes fun at just about everything and everyone in his own speedy, sarcastic way.

Burt Young (Paulie in the Rocky series) plays his bodyguard and Sally Kellerman plays the poetry teacher at the university and Thorton Melon's love interest. Melon's rival and the antagonist in the movie is Dr. Barbay (Paxton Whitehead).

The late, great Sam Kinison plays one of the funniest supporting roles as a manic English professor who rips desks apart, screaing: "Say it! SAY IT!!!!"

This movie has great rewatch value, has plenty of laughs and an absurd yet funny story. The diving stuff is particularly unrealistic, yet funny. The "triple lindy" would most certainly kill somebody diving, but to watch Dangerfield's big eyes smiling as he floats through the air is timeless. Recommended.