Black and Blue

Black and Blue ★★★

Good rookie cop sees bad cops committing murder and the pursuit begins for her body cam. This might be the most screen time I've ever seen body cams talked about and a major set piece.

Video Review - just left the theater (no spoilers)

The body cam footage technology aside, this is a story that's been told a ton of times. I like how it focused on an African American woman police officer. Naomie Harris plays Alicia West, the rookie policewoman and her acting was good, with only a few overacting moments. A policewoman should have more control than she showed, I think, but she was in a very stressful conflict.

Upon leaving the theater several moviegoers said they liked this movie, which I don't hear happening very often. There were three of the tjsnk crew. Kara gave this 3.5 stars, Joel didn't recommend at 2.5 and I'm up the middle and the average of the group. It was simply an entertaining film to me. I enjoyed it, Recommended.

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