Bombshell ★★★

Profile of several women at Fox News that Roger Ailes allegedly sexually harassed.

Video Review - just left the theater (no spoilers)

I was really looking forward to seeing this movie, largely based on the strength of director Jay Roach and the job he did on Game Change, the trailer, and the amazing makeup transformation done on Charlize Theron to look like Megyn Kelly.

Theron's portrayal -- makeup effects aside -- is not as impressive in the movie as hinted at in the trailer. I didn't get the sense that she was Megyn Kelly as much as I did in the trailer. The voice imitation, if that's what Theron was trying for, was off. Cadence, timing, rhythm, just wasn't a very good imitation. I've seen better done on Saturday Night Live (Tina Fey's awesome spoof on Sarah Palin).

I realize the movie was trying to tell the story of three different women and how Ailes treated them, but I wish it would have focused on just one of them primarily. From the start of the movie it seemed like Megyn Kelly was the main protagonist, but then it switches to Kayla played by Margot Robbie and then it's Gretchen Carlson (Nicole Kidman). It just split up the story too much, i think. Any one of the three women's stories would have been more compelling, but the movie seemed more interested in making it about all of them.

Flip a coin. If it comes up heads then it's not recommended, tails? Recommended. That's about how we felt overall. It wasn't bad, wasn't good. The only thing that should earn an award here is for the makeup/transformation from Theron to Megyn Kelly.

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