Borat Subsequent Moviefilm ★½

Sacha Baron Cohen is back as Borat, this time Borat is retrieved from prison hard labor after the result of his first mockumentary 14 years ago. Now the Khakistan government wants Borat to go back to America as sort of a trojan horse to have his daughter get with the Vice President, Mike Pence.

Borat is clearly an acquired taste comedy. In order to accept the story, you have to like the character Borat. Guess I'm in the minority that doesn't find the character funny. I get what Cohen is trying to do with the super dry ironic wit, but it just doesn't work for me. I mean, when you have him casually walking past people in town and saying, "That's the town rapist" -- that's not funny to me. Women in cages and unnecessary plastic surgery jokes are not funny. Yes, he's doing it over the top intentionally, but it's not Bor-at to me it's bor-ing.

I thought maybe this sequel would be a little more fun being it was filmed at the start of the pandemic. Otherwise I would have passed watching it at all because I don't like the character Borat. Alas, the funniest scene for me -- the scene that almost made me laugh -- was when Borat crashes a Mike Pence event dressed up in a President Trump costume, carrying his daughter over his shoulder.

Borat just feels to me like an over-extended SNL skit. A character that would work in small doses on SNL, but doesn't work in a full-length movie. I credit the creativity and effort, but the end product just left me feeling like it wasn't entertaining. Comedies need to make me laugh and Borat 2 barely made me crack a smile. Not recommended.