Child's Play

Child's Play ★★★½

Possessed dolls are far and away not original. My first dolls are scary story was Twilight Zone's "Talky Tina" -- that doll was just uber scary. Chucky in Child's Play is more brutal and angry than the black and white TZ episode, but there is just something about dolls that weird me out. So, if you get over the fact that this movie isn't original and realize it came out in the golden rebirth of horror films -- the 80s! -- then you can appreciate this one a little more.

"Hi I'm Chucky, want to play?"

For me, a good rating on a horror movie means it got under my skin at least a little bit. This horror film is effective in parts *IF* you find dolls to be creepy. For those who don't find dolls all that scary, it might be dumb to you. Recommended for the doll movie horror fans. I guess this has been rebooted/remade, no idea how that film compares but I'm somewhat interested in checking it out someday.

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