Christmas Break-In

Christmas Break-In ★½

Heather (Denise Richards) a forgetful mother, Ray (Danny Glover) a guitar playing janitor and Izzy (Cameron Seely) a 9-year old girl in this TV movie.

Izzy's parents are late picking her up so she holes up inside the school. Meanwhile, three bumbling crooks who knocked off a Salvation Army decide to hide in the school to wait the storm out. This soon morphs into a lame version of Home Alone inside a school.

Haven't seen either Glover or Richards in a movie in a while. Both have been in some bad movies (Richards more than Glover), but I liked her in Starship Troopers. Here? She doesn't give much energy to the weak, hackneyed plot. Glover does a little better with his parts, but he is still somewhat mailing in the performance.

As for Izzy? They shouldn't have child actors playing characters so in love with playing the guitar unless they are, well, really playing the guitar. Totally unconvincing when she doesn't even hold the guitar correctly. And the notes she's supposedly playing? Real guitar players will cringe.

There is a decent holiday theme underlying, but it's too full of cliches, illogical and unrealistic activities, subpar writing and both under- and over-acting to recommend. Lump of coal in this stocking.

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