Color Out of Space

Color Out of Space ★★★½

A for the moment subdued Nicolas Cage -- but we know he's going to go off at some point, characteristically -- is living in the sticks with his family. All domesticated, with his alpacas in the barn and suddenly this fuschia colored meteor strikes the ground outside their house. It's an H.P Lovecraft meteor, thankfully for horror fans, and the weirdness begins.

This is my kind of cosmic horror flick. It's quiet and yet screaming in subtext. It gets progressively more eerie, until we see almost literally hell breaking loose. We know where this is going and yet we can't resist going there. I'm hit or miss on Nic Cage, the guy is a chronic overactor, but this role is good for him. I'd like to see him doing more work like this. Saw this on Shudder, which is #1 for streaming horror in my book. Recommended.

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