Commando ★★★½

Arnold Schwarzenegger's team of commandos are being hunted and his daughter has been taken captive, forcing him to complete a mission in a certain amount of time or his daughter will be murdered. Arnold promises that they will all be killed, then he goes on a one man wrecking crew journey. Anybody and anything that gets in his way can become nearly instant KIA. He will fight a bunch of bad guys, rip telephone booths out of the wall and more.

In the 80s Stallone and Schwarzenegger had a running action film feud and moviegoers were the recipient of their creative acting choices. After multiple rewatches, I'm reminded how cheesy the dialogue is, at times completely over the top like when Arnold drops one of the villains off a cliff and then is asked what happened to him, his reponse, "I let him go."

Guilty pleasure for action fans all the way. Recommended.

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