Dark Waters

Dark Waters ★★★½

An educational legal drama, very little courtroom, pitting an attorney (Mark Ruffalo) for a farmer vs. a giant corporation. Cows are dying from something they are ingesting and, uh oh, there's the big company smoke stacks and dumping grounds into the water.

Video Review - Just left the theater (no spoilers)

The plot at first seems very familiar to Erin Brokovich yet that focused more on Julia Roberts as an assistant to the attorney. This is a similar case although it's focusing on the attorney taking the case. It is based on a true story and there are cameos from some of the real litigants and the attorney involved.

It's a bit on the slow cooker side, like most dramas, but maybe even a bit slower. And you'll learn through the movie, if you like movies like that. My wife and I both enjoyed this. Recommended.

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