Death Wish

Death Wish ★★★½

Charles Bronson in his most famous role as Paul Kersey, an architect and loving husband who's wife is murdered by a gang of thugs. Frustrated by police response, he decides to literally take the law into his own hands, becoming a vigilante roaming the night streets in an overcoat and gunning down crime wherever he sees it.

The story plays off like a early and somewhat crude superhero type movie with Kersey having no special powers, other than being a good shot. Bronson is a bit dry as an action hero to me, and it is more of a drama. This movie was remade recently with Bruce Willis and he's a pale comparison in the role as Paul Kersey.

Liked this movie a lot more the first time I saw it. Feels kinda dated now. Took away a half star, as otherwise I found the movie has a great message: that crime doesn't pay and there are some real world problems with vigilante justice. Recommended.

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