Doom: Annihilation

Doom: Annihilation

Heavily armed, but predictably under-gunned for demonic creatures on the surface of mars in this insipid, uninspired reboot to Doom (2005) with The Rock as Sarge.

There are some cool-looking monsters (worth a half star), but let's face it, a movie about roaming around on a base overrun with monsters has been done many times better.

Another movie based on a videogame that fails to understand what made the videogame exciting and fun. It was roaming around in a maze and blowing away monsters that lurked at every corner. You basically had no chance in that game hand to hand, you had better have the biggest gun possible and just keep shooting and shooting. Oh, and there were health packs to heal from which of course don't exist in the movie. You could find these guns laying around inside the game as a reward. No movie is capable of granting these awards.

I'm wondering what the upcoming movie Free Guy will be like, as that seems like a better movie that's a videogame than this. Sonic was also a vastly better movie based on a videogame.

I think somebody in Hollywood just likes movies where special effects monsters can be created with plenty of gunplay. The action in this movie is too formulaic, often boring and there is almost no character development. Where is the story depth? Even Doom the videogame has a better story. Five marines against an unknown enemy "we cannot begin to comprehend" -- yup, that's the story.

So, pretty much hated this and don't recommend. It's on Netflix, if you want to suffer through. You can pretty much randomly choose anything else on Netflix and do better. Better yet, go play the original game for the nostalgia. Much better use of time and more fun.

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