Dora and the Lost City of Gold

Dora and the Lost City of Gold ★★★

Thought from poster this would be a cartoon, but it's 99.5% live action. Wife and I went in and watched this randomly, as we didn't know really anything else about the film at the theater besides the poster.

A fairly full theater, this tale of a teenage girl explorer named Dora is a pretty fun tale in the vein of Indiana Jones meets Crocodile Dundee (fish out of water tale) only without the more adult violence. Actually enjoyed the film and thought our grandsons might enjoy some of the CGI creatures like the monkey. Might rewatch with them.

(Sidenote: one cool thing about the Regal Unlimited plan is being able to afford to stop by and watch "whatever the next movie playing is." I don't know if others reading have ever tried doing, but over this past month we've seen several enjoyable films we knew almost nothing about and pretty much went because it was something we hadn't seen yet)

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