Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey ★★★

The king and queen are coming to stay in Downton Abbey for lunch, dinner and a parade. This fun movie, based on a TV show (which aired 2010-2015) that I've never seen and didn't know anything about before seeing this movie, has an appealing cast of characters. Some are royalty, most are servants. With such a large cast of characters, I thought it might be overwhelming to keep track of who's who, but it wasn't. The dramatic tension involved how would this royal visit go over and has a feature film it works, keeping the viewer entertained.

If you asked me if I thought I'd enjoy this movie going in, I'd have said probably not, but I like to keep an open mind. This movie was a nice surprise. It was entertaining, albeit a bit long toward the end, and I even smiled a few times. Will I see this again? Probably not, but it's recommended for at least a one time view. I'm sure those who followed the TV show will be all over this.

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