Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes ★★★½

Sister of the great Sherlock Holmes, embarks on an adventure to find her missing mother.

Enola (Millie Bobbie Brown), her name spells "alone" backwards has an engaging character introduction. Her mother was loving and spent time teaching her how to be strong. I enjoyed the character, which is based on a series of books. When her mother turns up missing, we are behind Enola's quest to solve the mystery. Can she be as amazing as her famous brother?

Warner Bros. at one time was going to theatrically release this adaptation of a series of books by Nancy Springer and it's too bad it can't be seen on the big screen. I'm missing my movie theater popcorn bucket and soda for this one. Thanks to Netflix stepping in, we're treated to it as a new movie streaming release. Liked this one. Especially enjoyed the oneuphership aspect over Sherlock Holmes who comes off as a bit pompous. This might explain why the Arthur Conan Doyle suit has made a copyright suit over his "emotions." Recommended.

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