Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga ★★

Will Ferrell plays Lars, a musician trying to fulfill a childhood dream of winning the Eurovision Song Contest. For those who don't know about this annual songwriting contest, it's been happening every year since 1956 according to Wikipedia, with the exception of 2020 due to the pandemic.

Ferrell researched the event and wanted to give a comedic spin on the contest. This is one of those movies that is heavily relied upon for music. If you don't enjoy the music, it's going to matter and I didn't care for most of the music. Ferrell's shtick is something we've seen before and is a bit tired here. It's almost like he's making fun of Icelandic people with his overstated accent. At least he doesn't run around naked like he's done in too many other movies.

Perhaps just me, but I wish he'd make another Stepbrothers movie. That was laugh out loud hilarious. I realize he was paired up with John C. Reilly for Holmes & Watson, but that movie was painstakingly bad.

People bash Adam Sandler for bad comedies, but I think Will Ferrell has struck out more times in this area than Sandler.

I like Will Ferrell but it's been a number of years since he's been in something I'd want to recommend for others to watch. This is a big no. It's an OK story, it's not as lame as his last film Downhill (criminally unfunny, really, considering the talent there), but it's not that much better. The annual songwriting contest sounds like a pretty cool event and I would rather watch that than this. Not terrible, but a long way from being recommended.