Final Sale

Laura Harris.

Certain actors and actresses in certain parts are hard to shake from my mind. Laura Harris is one of them that I'll maybe never forget as the crazy terrorist woman on 24. Here, Harris plays a woman who needs a kidney and must resort to the black market to get one. With obviously bad results.

(Odd sidenote: The title of the movie on Amazon Prime is The Donor and has the date of 2014, when the movie is actually from 2011 and had the title of Final Sale, so prepare for title confusion)

The plot is very pedestrian. Nothing that original or exciting. Music and sound effects are canned. This movie would be completely forgettable if not for Laura Harris' hypnotic, spooky stare (not quite Meg Foster's eyes, but Harris has an expression which is downright chilling). She should be starring in more horror movies, not wannabe medical thriller trash like this.