From Russia with Love ★★★★

Same director as Dr. No Terence Young sets out on Bond adventure #2 with this time SPECTRE seeking revenge for the death of Dr. No. While the first Bond introduced us to the experienced 007 with a license to kill, the second cements him in lore.

Sean Connery plays Bond with the same dramatic flair and chauvinism that would have him catcalled, derided and box officed bombed into submission. The 60s were quite some era, both progressive in one sense and totally backward toward women in another.

Daniela Bianchi deftly plays Bond's love interest. Sexy, sultry, everything that Bond will desire. She has a secret which is fresh in this film, but this would become cliched in the franchise. Never trust the Bond girl to be what she seems becomes too much the norm.

It's kind of funny to watch the technology in the 1960s, including the gigantic camera that bond uses aboard a ferry that doubles as a voice recorder (complete with tape and a gigantic battery). These days Bond would have this tech in a contact lens or something micro. So, technology being outdated aside, which in fairness was almost 60 years ago, Bond #2 sings. Not the best Sean Connery Bond films, but a very strong entry in the franchise. Recommended