Frozen II

Frozen II ★★★

All our friends are back from Frozen: sisters Anna & Elsa, Sven, Olaf the snowman, Kristoff and Hans.

Video Review - Just left the theater (no spoilers)

The story this time revolves around a strange and seemingly impenetrable mist with forces trapped inside from an ancient battle. The group ventures into the mist to unlock the secrets that could impact the kingdom.

The journey this time has a more earthy feel than the first one and the music isn't as awesome. I think the wonder and magic of a film titled "Frozen" should have more of a winter snowy feel to it, and yet that wasn't as much the theme this time around.

We took our grandchildren and they both had some difficulty staying engaged and entertained. The first one, however, they've been binging on Disney+. Honestly, I felt the same way as them. This wasn't as great a story as the first one. It's still good, and worth checking out, but you might be better served spending the money on a Disney+ subscription.

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