Gone with the Wind ★★★★★

1861. Scarlett O'Hara (Vivien Leigh) is in love with Ashley Wilkes (Leslie Howard), and pines for him to love her back. Rhett Butler (Clark Gable) witnesses Ashley refusing Scarlett's advances in a room and makes his grand secret entrance. Butler has feelings for Scarlett, but she doesn't reciprocate.

Some random thoughts:

<ul><li>They sure say "Fiddily Dee" a lot in this film. Was this a popular phrase at the time? Sort of the 1939 version of "whatever" -- a response to nonsense</li><li>Those dresses! Wow, they are beautiful but must have been a real hassle to move around, especially that wedding-like white gown that Scarlett wears in the opening scenes of the film.</li><li>Colonial style homes ... just love the design</li><li>The musical score is epic. It permeates and yets accents and strengthens the drama around almost every scene. They used a lot more music here than movies use today, even blockbusters, and it works well</li><li>Nice shot in the face for that yankee, Scarlett! A little gore very quickly cut away, is enough to tell us that soldier really shouldn't have entered Scarlett's house.</li></ul>

Many consider this to be the greatest movie ever made. It's definitely a 5-star film for me but the greatest film for me is the one that I want to keep watching every year. This one? I've seen it a couple times and it's an amazing movie, but I don't look forward to rewatching it over and over again like some do. I would like to see it in the theater someday, Recommended.