Gretel & Hansel

Gretel & Hansel ★½

A brother and sister away separated from home journey into the forest, hungry and desperate come upon a bizarre looking house with a feast sitting inside on a long dinner table. They break into the house only to find waiting an older woman with a sinister secret.

Video Review - just left the theater (no spoilers)

One of the biggest hurdles for me to get over this movie is already knowing the story of the classic Grimm fairy tale, knowing what I didn't spoil in my brief synopsis to start this review, but is very spoiled watching this movie. If you know what evil the old woman is and what goes on in that house, it sort of saps all the creative energy out of the film.

Why did they make this film? That is another question I just couldn't stop asking myself over and over again with so many fresh, original stories to adapt into films? The flip side of that is the film wasn't a complete disaster. The acting wasn't horrible, the script was functional, the cinematography and sound were OK. The worst part, really, was the pacing which was godawful slow.

This should have been a short film in an anthology horror show. Perhaps on something like Creepshow by Shudder. 20-30 minutes and this story would have been sooooo much better.

That said, I enjoyed the atmosphere created here and if you watch the video review, that's my emotion coming out of the theater. It was one of the best worst January 2020 new horror films in a slew of truly awful films. Nothing really helped the horror genre and/or stigma surrounding it.

This film isn't even average by comparison and Kara repeatedly struggled to stay awake (which she fully admits in the video), but while I found this to be mediocre, it wasn't as bad as she felt about it. Still, I'm going to average our ratings and make this 1.5 stars which feels fair. Both of us do not recommend watching, skipping entirely in every format (theater, streaming, etc), even if you like the story it was based on.

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