Halloween ★★★★★

Destined to be on the every Halloween must watch list, this slasher staple is also perhaps the best horror example of how to effectively use creepy music to set a terrifying atmosphere. Arguably, John Carpenter's best musical contribution to the genre. The question is this scarier than The Thing? That spooky synth theme will be forever imprinted on horror cinema. Michael Myers is the modern day boogeyman.

Add to this we have a passionate performance by Donald Pleasence as Dr. Loomis,a young Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode (and still playing Laurie 40+ years later? She's like the Duracell battery of horror) and Nick Castle as the "The Shape." Watch this in the dark as close to Halloween every year as you can. It spawned a bunch of sequels, including one that had nothing to do with Michael Myers. If you are new to the horror genre and somehow haven't seen this one yet, it can't come any higher recommended.

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