Her ★★★½

A lonely man (Joaquin Phoenix) gets an artificial intelligence operating system to be his girlfriend. The OS names herself Samantha. I tried watching this once before and must have been tired, because this movie is square in my wheelhouse. It has a tech/computer angle, which I enjoy and is a bit sci-fi (since AI does not actually exist that is as advanced as portrayed). Sort of aBicentenniel Man vibe, plus it has Amy Adams, an actress I've enjoyed in several films over the years.

This isn't an altogether original love story, but it a fascinating journey. Phoenix does decent with the role, but he is a bit empty to me with the powerful material and could have been better. Would like to seem more emotion invoked from a compelling storyline like this. I should have been drawn in more emotionally by the material than I was. It's a very good movie, but misses being great to me due to the shortcomings mentioned.

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