Hold On

Hold On ★★★

Amazing voice this woman has and, while it's not going to waste at the church (I think that's an awesome place or a gifted singer to share her talent), it isn't the career of the singer's dreams.

Video Review - Just left the theater (no spoilers)

She meets a famous producer's son at the record store and he wants to help her get to the next level. Soon, she shares with him her most touching song about her drug addicted brother. Truly moving tear-inspiring stuff.

I didn't realize this was a faith-based film until somewhere toward the middle, but don't care. The only criticism I'll say about this genre of films, and I haven't seen enough of them to draw any meaningful comparisons, but it seems like the few I have watched have implausible endings. This ending, no spoilers, didn't work for me. I wanted something more gritty and real, like the rest of the movie felt. An ending I don't like can truly ruin an amazing film experience for me and that's the case here.

I will watch good movies in any genre. This is a good movie. In my review I used the word "fantastic" and that's for the singing part of it. Any time a singer can wow me with song in a movie, I'm tuned in. I don't like the particular style of music -- I'm largely a classic rock and roll guy -- but hey, I can appreciate great singing in any genre. This film is recommended. Bring the tissue.

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