The Reality of Love

The Reality of Love ★★★

A movie and a reality show involving 15 women competing to marry Ryan Banks (Jason Priestley). Behind the scenes Ryan's best friend and agent, Todd (Bradley Cooper) gives him hints on the best things to say and do to the most popular contestant, Charlie (Emma Caulfield). Soon, she begins to suspect that Ryan is getting help and develops feelings for Todd. Meanwhile, she's inching closer to winning the contest.

Reminded me of several different reality TV shows and plays out that way. How any women would put themselves through these phony reality is beyond me. The biggest problem with this movie and story is that Charlie seems way too good for the cheesy show, Like she would never sign up for such a charade, Beyond that it's a pretty good romance that isn't 100% predictable. Going to recommend this, but barely thanks to the ending, but only for romance fans, not the mainstream.

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