Impractical Jokers: The Movie

Impractical Jokers: The Movie ★★★

This zany semi-reality comedy skit show involves four male friends who like to create prank challenges on each other. The plot of the movie is thin, involving a private Paula Abdul party where there are only 3 of 4 needed VIP passes, so the friends need to compete to see who will be the odd man out.

Video Review - just left theater (no spoilers)

Some of the challenges are laugh out loud funny like a fake interview for a security job where the men bizarrely answer questions and do strange things with real reactions from the interviewer who, at the time of filming allegedly, doesn't know it's a joke.

Some of the skits fall flat. Like a guy who has to ride a horse in hot weather wearing a roman gladiator costume and the supposed all night raging party in the hotel room. The whole Paula Abdul mcguffin is forced and not very realistic, even though one of the guys really does have a crush on Paula Abdul.

Overall, we laughed in parts and sort of rode out the moments that weren't so good. A fun, entertaining movie but not something I'd want to rewatch. The TV show this is based on is only 22 minutes for each episode and has been running for 200+ episodes. That might be about the right amount of time for this type of semi-reality show. Recommended.

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