Iron Man

Iron Man ★★★★½

My two favorite Marvel comics growing up were Incredible Hulk and Iron Man, so it's no surprise I was totally stoked to see Iron Man being made into a live action movie. Even more stoked when Robert Downey Jr. was cast. Have liked many of his movies. He just had all the sardonic wit, the cockiness that was Tony Stark of Stark Industries. Playing the gorgeous Stark assistant Pepper Potts is Gwenyth Paltrow. And who is playing the villain but Tron Jeff Daniels? Oh yeah, sign me up before I even saw the movie.

And it doesn't disappoint. From the opening scene where Stark is traveling with the military to a test site and then attacked until the end, the action steam just keeps keep chugging along. We learn the backstory behind how Iron Man is created and why. There are some great action fighting scenes where Iron Man uses his high tech suit. One of my most favorite Marvel live action movies.

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