Just Mercy

Just Mercy ★★½

A wrongly imprisoned black man in Alabama convicted and put on death row and his tireless lawyer fighting within the system to free him.

Video Review - Just left the theater (no spoilers)

The material is chocked full of story material that should be irresistible in a drama, but at least 75 of 136 minutes are presented so dry and without much energy that it's the cinematic equivalent of reading a lengthy legal document. Jamie Foxx and Apollo Creed's son, Michael B. Jordan are skilled actors trying to make enthusiasm out of a boring, poorly written script. Great source material, weakly presented.

There was a much, much better way to tell the story of this man and the excellent, great cause organization -- the Equal Justice Initiative -- behind it. The last 20 minutes and in the closing credit roll we learn more about the real attorney and the foundation he founded to help free unjustly imprisoned death row convicts.

This is one of those somewhat rare movies that I like what the movie was about, the actors, but not the screenplay or direction. Kara said it was "good" and gave it three stars, I gave it two, we'll just average that to 2.5. Not recommended.

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