Klaus ★★★★

Think this might be the first animated original movie by Netflix that I've ever seen and was pleasantly surprised by the crafting. The animation had a bit of an old school animation vibe to it, which took me back to some childhood holiday animated classics. This was intentional not to make it look like Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks. The different look made it easier to dive into the story.

The story is very good. It's not the best original holiday story (it reminded me a bit of how I felt after seeing The Polar Express although the plots have nothing in common), but it kept my interest and engagement.

A mailman from a rich family is sent to the arctic to be taught a lesson about hard work. What he finds instead is the magical spirit of Christmas. Really liked this one. It was created with obvious care and concern. It's one of the better (new) animated movies I've seen in awhile.

Wish I could have seen this in the theater, but can come close to replicating the giant screen theater experience by watching it on the Oculus Go in the Netflix theater. I'm excited that Netflix keeps investing heavily on creating original content like this. Recommended.

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