Last Action Hero ★★½

Action hero Jack Slater (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is after a villain with one changing glass eye. A young fan finds a golden ticket (think Willy Wonka on steroids) to jump into the movie world.

This is one of those strangely appealing/unappealing movie that I've never really cared that much for overall, but some scenes are very entertaining. The opening scene, pretty much all the scenes with the axe murderer. Arnold's acting is a bit off in parts. I think the script idea is promising but it just goes all over the place, never really capitalizing on the concept of entering the movie. He has some good one-liners in this, but not as good as Commando. This movie has earned more cult status with some, because it's a very different action-satire hybrid. An experiment which tries hard, but comes up short. Not recommended.