Leprechaun 3

Leprechaun 3 ★★★

"I think I'll whack you in the head, a dozen times until you're dead!"

The Leprechaun series in general is a guilty pleasure of mine. Own it through VUDU. No, I don't think any of these movies are that good, but I tend to prefer this one and the Hood ones better than rest and let's be honest: horror movies like these are intentionally cheesy sometimes. Warwick Davis does a great job strolling through Vegas laying down catchy one-liners.

There are some interesting gore scenes, too, one of which involves over-inflation that is particularly nasty. I like to rewatch this in October leading up to Halloween season. Would recommend this one in the series if you like fun, campy horror. It's not scary, maybe a little cringe in some spots.

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