Like a Boss

Like a Boss ★★★

Mia (Tiffany Haddish) and Mel (Rose Byrne) run a cosmetics store on the edge of bankruptcy when Clara Luna (Salma Hayek) swoops in as a shrewd investment partner.

Video Review - Just left the theater (no spoilers)

The women partners are close friends with a different skillset for the business, Mel is the bookkeeper and details person while Mia is the creative force.

Strangely, I liked the story, as it's not the type of comedy I've seen before. I kept thinking if different actresses had played the characters it might have been funnier. Except for Salma Hayek's big breasted over the top owner character, I rarely even smiled.

Some of the jokes were just so poor taste like the scene where Mia and Mel are at a party and smoking pot. They drop a joint near a baby and somehow think it will be funny to snap a picture of the baby next to the joint. Then, inexplicably they jump off the room into a pool below, when they can just come back inside with their friends who have just "caught" them. It's an awkward scene which just sums up how the overall film feels. Scene after odd, comic scene which could be funny and was for most of the audience in the theater -- except for me.

Not a single laugh in a comedy isn't a ringing endorsement but must admit that many, many jokes landed in the theater. There was laughter aplenty in the almost packed theater (only a scattered few seats), so I was way in the minority who didn't find much of anything in this film funny.

Upon leaving and shooting our just left the theater video (link above), my wife said she liked it and laughed in several parts. I keep going back to the story which was stupid and yet somewhat unique, which I liked (sooo many comedies have cliched plots, but this one is different) and would recommend on that creative basis. It just wasn't funny enough for me as a comedy. Probably should be 2.5 stars or less because of that, but going to barely push it to 3 with a very hesitant recommendation.

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