Long Shot ★★★★

Seth Rogen is an investigative journalist who is strong with his convictions and beliefs. He quits his job over a new corporate ownership he thinks is BS. He runs into his childhood crush, who also happens to be the Secretary of State (Charlize Theron) and she decides to hire him to be a writer on her team helping her to future political ambitions. Soon, a relationship forms between them.

Loved the chemistry between Theron and Rogen. The writing is crisp and the jokes mostly deliver. The opening scene in particular is hilarious. There are political overtones, but it is never too preachy.

It all works due to the story, the excellent script and acting. Took a star away because some of the comedy situations are completely implausible and yet loved them. It's kinda unfair to punish a comedy for going too far -- I mean that's what we want them to do, right? -- but it's a very minor complaint about an otherwise awesome romcom. Recommended.