Magic Camp ★★

Adam DeVine stars as a reluctant, returning magic camp counselor. He lost the passion for magic, but is drawn back over a conflict motivated to show his magic prowess.

Whenever DeVine speaks if I close my eyes, I think it's Jack Black. His voice, mannerisms and delivery are a clone of Black. They don't look anything alike, but I'd rather have had Jack Black in this role than DeVine.

What kept my interest in this movie was the magic. I'm a huge fan of magic and illusions and seeing a bunch of kids get together a la Meatballs for a magic camp is a compelling backdrop. Jeffery Tambor plays the mentor and owner of the camp.

The kids characters are pretty nondescript (albeit the boilerplate Disney family familiars) with the majority of focus on the competition between DeVine's character and the Kristina Darkwood (Gillian Jacobs). There is one boy who's heartwarming story focuses on his mom and is one of the cooler card tricks I've seen, but magic-wise that was pretty much the highlight. Overall a fairly mediocre family movie that could have been amazing given that magic was a huge part of the story. Not recommended.