Magic in the Moonlight ★★

Directed by Woody Allen, starring Emma Stone as a medium named Sophie Baker. Magician Stanley Crawford (Colin Firth) attempts to debunk Baker's medium talents. This seems heavily inspired by what the great magician Harry Houdini used to go around doing. He so hated fakes and frauds passing themselves off as having otherworldly powers. Stanley becomes caught up in Sophie's powers and charm. Will he fall in love with her?

Emma Stone makes the most of a somewhat anemic script. Stanley's character is kind of whiny, too pessimistic and doesn't seem like the best match for Sophie. The main ingredient for a romance is chemistry and a desire for the viewers to want the two characters to get together. While I thought the characters had some depth, I feel like it was the actors talent rather than the story maintaining my interest, I just wasn't rooting for them as a couple and that's a fatal flaw for this type of movie. Not recommended.