Marriage Story

Marriage Story ★★★★

Adam Driver as Charlie Barber and Scarlett Johannson as his wife Nicole star as a director husband and actress wife going through the divorce process. They lived in New York and yet Nicole gets an acting job in Los Angeles so she moves out to the west coast with their son. The divorce is expensive and Charlie has to fly out from the east to west coast in order to be with his son.

They are both loving parents and while this is a rom-com focused in/around the divorce mode, it also delves into how they really never seem to stop loving each other. There are some very special, tender moments between the couple, who do have some really great on screen chemistry. No spoiler for how it ends, but I liked where it left off.

Drawbacks? Very few, actually. Dragged a bit in parts. Acting is great, the script is a bit off beat at times, too, but somehow even that mostly works. Humor is timed well. There have been so many, many romance stories told that it is so difficult to find freshness and yet the character portraits here are fresh. One of the better romance movies I've seen this year that focuses more on the friendship in a relationship, even one that is breaking down. Recommended.

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