Nekrotronic ★★★

Don't install foreign apps on your phone. That should be the mantra for every self-respecting horror fan.

This year I've seen more movies involving cell phones than I can ever remember before. I guess because so many carry around with us everywhere, they do have a character of their own. With this movie, demons can get you through your cell phone courtesy a game.

It's like that pokemon game they had where you went around in real life and looked for pokemon, only this involves demons. They are putting these nekropods all over the place so players can interact with these pods.

Meanwhile, one of the last remaining necromancers is needed to join the fight against the demons. He learns his mother is at the heart of the game. Anybody playing the game with a phone allows the demons a portal into the real world.

Plenty of gore and demon slaying carnage in this tech demonic horror tale. It's a workable idea, but the execution is cluttered and disjointed. Production quality is very high, so points for that. Going to give this a lukewarm recommendation, and only for hardcore horror fans, not for the casual.