New Nightmare ★★★

Starts out with Freddy's severed haunted metal finger hand and I was digging the possessed hand bit -- but then it's all just a dream!

This whole 'is or isn't it a dream' stuff became tiresome not long after the original Nightmare on Elm Street. This is what horror franchises do, they run concepts into the ground. Just name one of them that hasn't, Saw, Friday the 13th, Halloween, Leprechaun ... and so on.

So, this one starts out weak and had me hoping it would get better. Turns out that it does. This is a meta version of Nightmare, complete with Robert Englund playing Robert Englund. It's about the making of another Nightmare on Elm Street and Freddy coming in and out of the filming. Progressive idea for the seventh film in the franchise.

Freddy is more menacing in this one than he was in most of the sequels, bringing me back to early installments. I always found the metal claw fingers and the burned face to be the scariest parts of Freddy. The quips he would give when killing made it seem more slapstick than horror, but that is a bit subdued in this one, increasing the scare factor. Overall, this was surprisingly entertaining for a 7th film in this franchise. Not great, but slightly above average.