Onward ★★★½

Two brothers try embark on a quest to find a special gem that will empower a staff that will bring back their father for a brief visit. Disney + Pixar animation, and it has that signature quality and clean, family-friendly humor.

Video Review - just outside the theater recorded directly after watching (no spoilers)

The manticore is my favorite side character. She's a good mix of D&D fantasy and modern campy fun. Having her as a barkeep/owner is sharp.

We saw this at the Regal Cinemas at the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas in 4DX + 3D. They issued everybody the wrong type 3D glasses so the first 20 minutes of the movie was messed up. The theater did the right thing and restarted the movie after handing everyone in the theater the correct 3D glasses. It has several good 4DX effects if you happen to be near a theater that supports this format. As for the 3D? Was ... OK. Not sure worth springing for the extra 3D cost, this movie doesn't really need it.

This is no Toy Story and young children probably wouldn't have their interest held, but older kids (6+) might enjoy. Kara and I found this to be an entertaining, unusual story, which is nice to see. The scenes with half the father character dancing around and interacting with the 16-year old sons are charming. Recommended.

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