Overcomer ★★★

A factory closes in a small town and the basketball coach loses his team because the families have to move away to other cities. The coach then is asked to coach a cross country running team and only has one runner, a teen girl with asthma. It will take everything in this faith-based movie to make this runner a winner.

It's movies like this one and Peanut Butter Falcon that make me glad I signed up for the Regal Unlimited plan. My wife and I both found this story to be entertaining and inspirational. I see very few religious films and for those who don't like these types of films, I can assert that it was never really too preachy. In fact, we don't really get into the religion part of this movie until later in the film.

Anyway, the story is uplifting and definitely will bring a few tears before it is over. Recommended for those who want to watch something different than the mainstream story. Has a good wholesome message and makes the viewer rethink the power of faith.

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