Palm Springs

Palm Springs ★★

Andy Samberg stars as Nyles, who is attending a wedding and meets the maid of honor, Sarah (Cristin Milioti), both become stuck in a Groundhog Day style time loop, where they exhaustively repeat the same day. There is also something to do with a cave as an auto-restart point.

This was one of the main reasons I resubscribed to Hulu, along with watching the TV show The Orville. This didn't work for me as well as it seems to be others.

My biggest problem is I've never found Andy Samberg to be funny, talented, interesting or entertaining. His acting is too matter of fact and doesn't have enough warmth. If he's trying to be sarcastic like David Spade, he is missing the friendliness and just seems mean. Put him in the lead of a film and it's an instant downgrade. Didn't like him in Hot Rod, didn't care for what I've seen of him on SNL and not here.

I think Miloioti was a more compelling character. She has some of the best humorous moments, including the goat and dynamite scene. I know many might want to relive everything that was good about Groundhog Day, but almost everything magical, fresh and interesting there feels ripped off and lame here. Samberg or Bill Murray? Please, there's no comparison comedically. Not a fan. Not Recommended.