P.S. I Love You ★★½

Gerard Butler plays a man who leaves his wife (Hilary Swank) 10 messages to be sent after he's gone to try and make her better be able to move on with her life. The premise is interesting for a love story and it is executed fairly well.

I didn't like Butler's Irish accent. Just feels forced and phony. Hillary Swank is a good actress and she shines in her role here. Probably the biggest problem was I wasn't quite feeling the chemistry between Butler's character and hers. Swank reminds me of a slightly less pretty (but still very attractive!) and more edgy Jennifer Garner.

When they have their first meeting kiss it just doesn't have the spark that it should have. That sort of sums up this movie for me. Just an OK kiss, with an intriguing premise exploring love and loss. It's not a bad movie, but a little below average and comes up just a little short of a recommendation.