Queen & Slim

Queen & Slim ★★½

I missed the explanation for the title of this movie. It makes me curious to research after the fact, so not necessarily a knock.

Video Review - Just left the theater (no spoilers)

In the trailer a character compares this couple on a first date having a routine traffic stop turn into a murder as "Bonney and Clyde" and after watching this movie and knowing the story of that ruthless, renegade, crime spree couple in the 30s there is almost zero that compares to this story. Sure, it's just one character saying this, but it setup a different type of story in my mind that actually unfolded.

Honestly, if they had turned into a Bonnie & Clyde type couple that would have been a more entertaining, albeit less realistic, storyline. The storyline we get is realistic, but flat. The man is much more likable than the woman. He's conflicted from the beginning and just wants to call his parents and go home and sort it out, while the woman who is a defense lawyer who had a bad day and decided to go on a date, has an attitude that I found difficult to like.

In fact, if I'd been the guy on a date with this lady I would have tried to get that date over in a hurry. Instead, he seems to allow her to be rude to him, which makes little sense. Anyway, that's enough on the movie plot, if I go much further I'll be venturing into spoiler territory.

The movie was just OK. Script wasn't very strong, acting was OK, the ending wasn't very climactic. Sure, it's an ending, but more predictable than anything. The whole movie just plods along with no real emphasis or sense of urgency, which is odd considering the subject matter. I'm also disappointed that more wasn't done with the Black Lives Matter subplot. I liked that plot and saw it had potential, but it really treated as more of an afterthought, which is too bad. Sorry, not recommended.

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