Rambo: Last Blood

Rambo: Last Blood ★★★½

Extended cut viewing. This version adds 12 minutes to the runtime, most of which is in the opening action scenes involving Rambo working with the police on horseback to save people stranded in a flood. Not sure why anybody thought cutting out this excellent scene was a good idea, because it shows John Rambo actually working with the police, not just some lonely, nutty vet rancher who burrowed tunnels on his property.

My original theater review for Rambo: Last Blood is here.

I wouldn't increase my star rating for this extended version because upon rewatching I think I might have given this a half star too many. The character dimension added by the opening scene here earns back that half star.

Is this a fitting end to the Rambo franchise? That will be debated. Knowing how Stallone seems up for more stories, I would say this probably isn't truly the last Rambo film, but time will tell.

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